Karma Originals

Karma Originals

Karma Originals was founded in early 2014 by a Portland-based family and is run by a son and mother duo. We have partnered with the best growers around the state to ensure we have the highest quality cannabis possible for our products while still being able to offer an ever-changing selection of strains.

About Karma Originals

We are not here solely to provide you with great weed products, even though we are really good at that. We believe that there is responsibility that comes with the privilege of being able to legally purchase this amazing plant. We are high-quality everything. We start from the ground (literally, the soil we grow our cannabis in is amazing) up to our company standards, we keep quality high. To be able to consider ourselves a quality company, we need to help others be their best. We donate a percentage of proceeds to a different charity each month, so you know that you're making a good choice when you purchase Karma Originals.

Clientele recognize the unshakable quality and retailers are consistently pleased with the customer service and delivery options provided by Karma Originals. The care shown in customer service is one of the first indicators of the supreme quality of our products. Our mission is to treat people well in every way we can. We do that in every aspect of the Karma Originals company, from growing to production all the way through to delivery processes. 


Tony Birch