International Vault Inc.

International Vault Inc.

At International Vault, Inc., we provide Modular Vault systems to keep your inventory and valuables secure from burglary and theft. Cost-effective pricing, along with the highest quality standards - including GSA approval ratings, UL underwriting, and Health Canada compliance - make International Vault the leader in modular vault technology worldwide.
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About International Vault Inc.

International Vault specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of Modular Vaults and Security Caging Systems on a global scale.

IV provides these burglary resistant products for applications including:
Precious Metal and Bullion Storage, Jewelry Storage, Armored Car Services, Banks and Credit Unions, Cash Vaults, Safe Deposit Box Facilities, Fine Art and Rare Collections, Cannabis and Pharmaceutical storage, Nuclear Material, Classified Documents, Weapons and Ammunition, Interdicted Contraband, Private Residential applications and many more.

These vault systems are performance tested by General Services Administration and Underwriters Labs for up to 2 hours of tool and torch attack resistance.


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