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International Medical Cannabis (“IMC”) is a leading medical cannabis provider. Since 2010, the company has offered a full spectrum of government-licensed cannabis products, from generic to GMP-certified and pharmaceutical-grade, for both wholesale and retail clients. IMC is an industrial innovator, constantly moving forward in the rapidly developing medical cannabis market and closely collaborating with research institutions and start-up companies.


IMC is based in Israel & expanding internationally, currently focusing on the EU market. IMC initiated its strategy by acquiring a pharmaceutical distribution company in Germany with all licenses required for distribution of medical cannabis throughout Europe. IMC’s supply of EU-GMP Pharma-Grade medical cannabis products is available from a variety of sources, both EU cultivation farms, as well as Israeli farms. The company operates a large industrial facility in compliance with strict medical cannabis laws and regulations ensuring world-class safety and quality standards. IMC has formed strong strategic alliances within the international medical cannabis industry and has developed a long-term, IP-protected product portfolio.


Backed by 9 years’ experience in the cultivation and processing of medical cannabis, IMC has developed proprietary industrial automation technologies that streamline and enhance cannabis production processes. Our standardization of processes and semi-automated harvesting enables us to achieve high-throughput quality products in less time, span through mass production, to do much more with less workforce and to substantially reduce operation costs.


Oren Shuster
Chief Executive Officer & Director
Amir Goldstein
Chief Operating Officer
Doron Reznik
Master Grower
Shai Shemesh
Chief Financial Officer
Ben Brownstein
Business Development