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Infused Health

Dr. Michele Ross is a neuroscientist with a passion for helping people with chronic illness live their best life ever through cannabis, kratom, and mushrooms. She is the author of Vitamin Weed and starred on Big Brother.

About Infused Health

Dr. Ross became well-known as the first scientist to star on a reality television show in the world in 2009, CBS's #1 hit show Big Brother. Dr. Ross has authored several bestselling books including Vitamin Weed and Train Your Brain To Get Thin, and serves a regular expert on Green Flower Media and multiple tv and radio shows. She is regularly quoted in magazines such as Allure, Vice, Esquire, and Merry Jane. Dr. Ross is the CEO of Infused Health, an online platform for cannabis coaching and education. Previously she founded and ran the first 501c3 nonprofit for cannabis and women's health. She is a proud advocate of cannabis, kratom, and psilocybin mushrooms for wellness.


Michele Ross

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