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Infinity Supercritical LLC

Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction Equipment.
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About Infinity Supercritical LLC

Infinity was started by a developer entrepreneur coming from the supercritical CO2 energy industry. Multiple patents for CO2 based modular block fluid handling system (originally developed for a project in 2004 which converted CO2 into alcohol, such as ethanol, methanol and butanol), and multiple patents are currently pending for a supercritical fluid extraction devices and methods of extraction including Spinning Disc Reactors and other methods of extraction. Future developments will reduce or eliminate the need for external chillers, and will reduce the overall footprint of the extraction system, while increasing yields and decreasing processing time.

Infinity Supercritical uses rapid prototyping and development using the patented Modular Block (National Science Foundation says it’s an Industrial LEGO) allows fast deployment into the commercial market space.

To bring the industry up to the current technology, Infinity is blending database, monitoring, smartphone, supercritical technology, cavitation science, sonochemistry, and green energy all together. The result is a better user experience, increased results, and profits, while saving the processor cycle time. All of the extraction systems are energy efficient, and are designed to have a low environmental footprint. The Spinning Disc Reactor system is the first large scale industrial continuous feed Eco Extraction system available in the botanicals industry.

Infinity has also developed a Fast Filter system for removing wax from winterized solutions. An off-shoot of that Fast Filter development will be a Fast Vacuum Table, for vacuum bagging of botanical products, carbon fiber vacuum bagging, low pressure autoclave, and other vacuum based functions.