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The marijuana industry is a multi-billion dollar industry in both the legal and illegal spheres of influence, and it is set to grow exponentially with cannabis legalization slowly becoming the norm as opposed to the exception. This increased acceptance has led to a staggering amount of new products becoming available to the average stoner, even compared to just a few years ago there is now everything from electronic dab nails to bluetooth enabled vaporizers. Existing companies as well as newcomers are popping up all the time to fill the needs of cannabis consumers from all walks of life and who all tend to have a slightly different way of enjoying herb. was founded in 2015 with a simple vision; provide stoners with factual information regarding marijuana related products & accessories.

Our company was founded in Canada, but we are currently are located in San Diego, California. Even though we're now located in the United States, we are proud of what the legalization movement in Canada has been able to achieve, hippies since the '70s have been waiting a long time for true legalization. Marijuana has been used in recreational and medicinal fashion for thousands of years. With vices such as alcohol and cigarettes already rampant in society, marijuana deserves legalization not only due to the fact that the average person cares not whether people decide to partake or not, but marijuana does not cause the same societal ills as the aforementioned substances.

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  •  We provide unbiased reviews on all types of stoner gear such as vaporizers, CBD oil, smoking accessories and more!
  •  We provide tips and tricks to get the most out of your stash. Some products have a steeper learning curve than others and we hope our information will fast-track consumers to using their paraphernalia to its full potential.
  •  We strive to provide informative content to educate marijuana users around topics relating to cannabis.


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