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Cannabis Compliance and Business Consulting
  • Managed Compliance Services- Don't want to hire a compliance team!  Hire us to help manage the process through our Compliance as a Service offering.  We can take your operational content and make it connected.  We will also manage your compliance efforts.
  • Business Consulting Services- Provide business consulting services on the operations of the business as it relates to compliance.
  • Policy, SOP and Training- If you are not sure where to start in developing policies, procedures, or training, we have partnerships with groups that can help. Give us a call to understand your requirements and we can determine the best course of action.
  • Document Management- Document management and a quality control platform is a must.  We represent PowerDMS a compliance platform that can be used by just the compliance team or all employees. It is currently used by over 2,500 organizations to manage compliance operations in Cannabis, Law Enforcement, Fire Services, Banking, Manufacturing, Retail, Aviation, Education, Oil and Gas, and other areas.
  • Technology Review Services- Are you overwhelmed on what technologies to use within your Cannabis business.  Let us help you with procuring those technologies and making sure they will work in your business.  
We will work with you to address the areas that may be deficient or in need of help within your business operations.  We will help to develop strategies, training, and procedures to ensure total compliance with the cannabis industry’s rapidly-changing business and legal requirements.


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