Hive Cannabis

Hive Cannabis

Canada needs a cannabis retailer that understands the wants and needs of cannabis consumers while remaining wholly committed to socially responsible distribution. Dr. Neil Rockerbie, Hive’s founder, understands that community is a core reason people consume cannabis – hence, “Hive.” The name functions as a metaphor for the tightly knit community that Dr. Rockerbie hopes to inspire, speaking to the organic nature of cannabis consumption and the sense of belonging and oneness it can create.
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About Hive Cannabis

Hive will offer a diverse selection of customer-approved products, and serve as a gathering place for cannabis consumers to exchange ideas, share experiences, and generally create community. Hive will have a staff well equipped to handle hardball questions and engage in thoughtful conversation with well- educated consumers while supporting less educated consumers in choosing an appropriate product. This is manifested in our logo and colour palette, which serves to highlight both the image of a strong community – a “Hive” – and, through gold accents, the brighter future that legal cannabis retail can create.

First off, the Hive vision starts at the hiring process. Candidates will be expected to have experience with the cannabis plant, while being open to new concepts and continuously seeking to learn. Our store interior will be open, modern, and engaging, encouraging people to stay, connect, and communicate. Product will be selected based on the feedback of staff and customers. Hive will go above and beyond to implement stringent security measures.


Port Alberni British Columbia, Canada
17 Sep 2019