Higher Leaf Bellevue

Higher Leaf Bellevue

We are dedicated to curating the best marijuana in Washington State with an emphasis on locally and sustainably grown product.

About Higher Leaf Bellevue

Higher Leaf is the Eastside's favorite recreational and medical cannabis dispensary serving two locations. We have a fabulous range of premium cannabis, edibles and concentrates at some of the most competitive prices you will find online and offline!

A comprehensive range of relaxers, mood enhancers and medicinal solutions

Our menu is carefully curated and frequently updated to include high-quality, top-rated products that satisfy recreational and medical requirements. Whether you’re looking for an energetic daytime buzz, a relaxing effect, or a happy high, we’ve got you covered.

  • Sativa, Indica and Hybrid flowers, including floral assortments, samplers and deals

  • Prerolls packs in various quantities for individual or group consumption

  • Top-of-the-line branded Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains and concentrates

  • Delicious edibles for those who like to eat their THC

  • Drinks, elixirs and tinctures for slow euphoria and discrete medication

  • Topicals and balms for comforting sensations

  • A special range of high CBD offerings

  • Essential hardware: Applicators, dispensers and pens

  • Kiefs and specialties for bigger, exotic psychoactive effects

Our cannabis shops in Bellevue and Kirkland have an exciting and evolving range of goods gathered by our knowledgeable budtenders and informed by curious inquiries from customers. At Higher Leaf, we take the time to get to know our customers and work hard to exceed their expectations every time.

Note: Under Washington law, anyone 21 years and older can legally purchase weed from a licensed store. And though you can get away by discreetly smoking weed publicly in Seattle, do remember that should a cop write you a ticket, you will need to pay $27 in fine. However, driving a vehicle under the influence of marijuana can attract a DUI charge.

Why head to Higher Leaf?

What makes Higher Leaf a sought-after cannabis boutique in Kirkland and Bellevue? Besides excellent variety and top quality, we also offer some pretty compelling advantages for the pragmatic consumer.

  • A price match guarantee on most products: you always know you’re getting a good deal.

  • $5 grams every day to help you get acquainted with the strains you want.

  • Rotating daily specials if you’re in the mood for something special, different or building reinforcements.

  • The option to pre-order online so you can head right to the express line and pick up your stuff in the quickest time.

  • A frequent flyer loyalty card that earns you 20% off your next purchase after just 4 stamps.

  • Friendly and well-informed budtenders who assist, recommend and familiarize with our new products.

  • Pet-friendly premises; all dogs, cats and legal-to-own pets are welcome!

  • A hospitable, laid-back vibe that our customers appreciate.

  • Higher Leaf believes that a recreational and medical cannabis dispensary’s role should go beyond retailing premium products. We advocate legalizing marijuana nationwide and shattering myths about the effects of cannabis use. You can engage with our views through our newsletters and articles.

Features Higher Leaf Bellevue

First-Time PatientsWe welcome everyone from first time consumers of marijuana to long time cannoisseurs at Higher Leaf. Ask a Bundtender about their favorite strains available in Kirkland and Bellevue. AnnouncementAsk your Budtender about our rotating $5 grams!


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