High Style Brewing

High Style Brewing

We are the first non alcoholic, cannabis infused craft brewed beverage in California. Our irresistible brews contain 10mg of THC and just 50 calories per bottle, which makes High Style the perfect refreshment for all occasions.
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About High Style Brewing

High Style Brewing Company proudly offers California’s first THC-infused, nonalcoholic craft brewed beverages. Born, brewed and bottled in the heart of San Diego’s renown craft beer scene, High Style’s commitment to quality sourcing, consistent dosing, sustainability and outstanding flavor are a testament to the company’s love of both craft brewing and cannabis. Providing a whole new take on adult beverages, High Style Brewing has truly elevated the meaning of "best in craft."

Born and raised in San Diego during the emergence of the American craft beer scene, the founders of High Style Brewing Company have always shared a passion for seeking quality craft beer. Growing up in a diverse and vibrant city, the founders of High Style Brewing were able to experience an array of craft beers, making them experts on creating a remarkable product. Like many Californians, we see the elegance of craft brewing and the euphoric nature of cannabis as staple elements to compliment an active lifestyle.

The founders sought to create a beverage that incorporated this love for craft brewing while still providing a high quality cannabis product. High Style’s cannabis infused, non-alcoholic craft beverage is the culmination of these passions. Countless hours and many months of formulation, testing, and refinement were conducted by their seasoned brew master to ensure an exceptional craft elevated experience.

As the first cannabis infused non-alcoholic craft beverage in California, High Style Brewing is truly in a category of it's own. Our goal is to provide a delicious, refreshing craft beverage to compliment any kind of lifestyle. Life is short, live craft elevated.