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Marketing your business in any industry can be a challenge, let alone one in the cannabis industry. With its fairly new rise in popularity, it can be challenging to promote your business around the legal restrictions from state and federal laws. Consequently, as the industry grew alongside regulations, we began to see a rise in cannabis marketing.

In 2018 alone, revenue for the legal cannabis industry was $10 billion, and everyday people are seeing an increasing need to do business in such a quickly developing field. An effective marketing strategy with an understanding of the ever-changing industry has the capability to grow your brand’s true potential and actively reach your targeted audience.



Nick Kraus
Founder & CEO
Michelle Kraus
SEO Strategist
Nick Westcott
Web Manager
Bohdana Komichak
Art Director
Joel Kraus
V.P. Business Development
Erik Nowicki
Senior Graphic Designer
Sam Codd
Marketing Manager
Kelsea Pearce
Digital Marketing Manager
Katy Balog
Web Developer
Sarah Madison
Project Manager
Eric Mount
Social Media Strategist
Bradley Vallacchi
Account Manager
Ben Averill
Graphic Designer
Justine Roche
Executive Assistant
Mao-Yue Own
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Marc Mustachio
Account Manager
Zak Fisher
Web Developer
Lizzy Lievendag
Cyrenah Smith
Content Coordinator