HempTrade is an online platform which connects buyers and sellers of bulk and wholesale hemp products all around the world
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About HempTrade

HempTrade helps farmers, processors and producers to connect with buyers in the rapidly growing hemp raw materials and wholesale products markets.

For producers: Through our extensive network of contacts and our unique media and technology assets, we help you increase sales through a program that can be customized to meet your strategic goals, thereby strengthening the hemp value chain..

For buyers of raw bulk materials: Our network of industry contacts through HempToday and its affiliates helps us to help YOU locate supply, and we are advisers on farming, processing and sales cycles at this fundamental part of the market. Because hemp is in such great demand, we can counsel you on how to get into the value chain.

For buyers of finished hemp goods: We bring you the highest quality hemp goods at the lowest prices. We develop close relations with our producers to build the kind of trust you can depend on, for quality, delivery time and communications. And we constantly search the globe for creative, sustainable hemp products, to keep the market evolving and your product line fresh.


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