Sometimes a book changes everything. That’s how it was in 1996 when I read the work on cannabis by the legendary Jack Herer. The Emperor Wears No Clothes, Herer’s takeoff on the Hans Christian Andersen allegory, awakened something in me. First, it opened my eyes to the rich history of hemp down through the ages; it’s been with us from time immemorial it’s fed us, kept us healthy, built our homes and clothed us.

About Hempoint

Our mission started and approach always has embraced the broader goal of spreading the hemp movement as far and wide as possible. We grow certified hemp seeds in organic fields in cooperation with our farmers.

We also have a reliable network of breeders who are the stewards of a wide variety of hemp seeds.

We provide a wide array of unique hemp products, including tea, chocolate, protein powder and more. We offer advice from the farm to the factory, from product development to branding, and from wholesale down to the retail marketplace.

Features Hempoint

Growing hemp, selling registered hemp seeds to farmers, consulting, hemp food products development, international cannabis policy and sustainable development, cannabis industry standards development (ASTM/ICCI/EIHA), networking.

Individual consulting for farmers especially focused on project in development countries organic hemp tea production and supply of hemp flowers raw material for tea production supply of the all registered strains from EU from one place 

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