hemp roadtrip

hemp roadtrip

The purpose of the Hemp Road Trip is to raise awareness of hemp through a nationwide grassroots campaign, educating citizenry, gather commitments to cosponsors Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015, influence state senators and representatives, promote domestic hemp businesses, educate farmers on the benefits of planting hemp and to document nationwide campaign.

About hemp roadtrip

Rick Trojan brings 21+ years entrepreneurial experience to the hemp community along with a vast global network and passion. Motivated by extensive history, positive impact and the plant itself, Trojan understands the need to accurately portray the benefits of a once flourishing plant stigmatized through a century of propaganda.
Trojan constantly strives to build a platform to encourage Hemp and its positive impacts through strategic alliances. His journey began as a personal experience that launched his passion for this cause, creating the Hemp Road Trip in 2015.
Trojan is currently expanding his education to other continents where cannabis legalization has led to an industrial boom. His work assists in uniting the industry on a global scale by bridging the gaps, building the foundations and extending the overall network.
Trojan takes his passion, extensive business experience, and global cannabis networks on tour. Join the journey and virtually hop on the bus as the Hemp Road Trip visits more continents in a quest for cannabis freedom.


Rick Trojan

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