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Harvest Direct EnterprisesTM is focused on the future - the future of medicine, cannabis and people all over the world.
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About Harvest Direct Enterprises

Harvest Direct EnterprisesTM is focused on the future - the future of medicine, cannabis and people all over the world. Since 2016, we’ve brought innovative processes and devices to market that answer real cannabis consumer needs and change how we view the potential of this precious plant forever.

We’re guided by our overarching principle, The Full Plant PhilosophyTM - that cannabis reaches its full healing potential when consumed as the cultivator intended, not as a recombined, synthesized shell of what it once was. In service of this, we bring together the world’s most powerful engineers with the leading minds in business and technology to create holistic processes that allow for preservation of the entire cannabis strain. Utilizing triple-backed scientific testing, we create precise methods that allow processors to maintain the entire Entourage Effect while increasing efficacy.

The best part - we do this because we care. Our first innovation - LACYTM - was born from the minds of chemists and cannabis enthusiasts Zeyead and Ahmed Gharib. Sick of low quality and subpar cannabis products, they designed LACYTM to activate THC across delivery methods without the loss of even a single molecule. The result - the first completely Lossless ActivationTM process - allows cannabis processors around the world to offer precise dosing and increased efficacy in pills, edibles, topicals and Inhalers - allowing them to harness the full effects of the plant they worked so hard to cultivate. For the first time in history, consumers can replace smoking as a form of cannabis consumption without suffering any diminished effects.

Together, we can elevate cannabis and the products we use everyday to protect what matters.


Brian McManus
VP, Sales
Suzanne Adams
Office Manager
Loni Garth
Zeyead Gharib
CEO, Lead Chemist & Co-Founder
Ahmed Gharib
COO, Co-Founder & Chief Business Strategist

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