Harvest 360 Technologies LLC

Harvest 360 Technologies LLC

Harvest 360 Technologies LLC is a cannabis IP development company combined with a full-service consulting and management firm that provides sustainable business development solutions. Our value is tied directly to your success. At Harvest 360 Tech we strive to create a customer experience based on trust, loyalty, and exceptional performance.
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About Harvest 360 Technologies LLC

Harvest 360 Tech grew out of the mission of our CEO Todd Scattini to find a way to bring relief to persons suffering from acute and chronic conditions with Medical Cannabis. Harvest 360 was already a full-service consulting and management firm that provided sustainable business development solutions to the legal cannabis, hemp, and ancillary industries.

Harvest 360 Tech is built on that foundation and the commitment of propelling businesses into the most productive, efficient, and compliant positions by licensing patented innovations, and providing technology solutions, including management of implementation. H360 Tech is driven by a combined 125 years of high level business, scientific, agricultural, and production expertise, including 30 years of industry specific focus.

The executive team collectively possesses in-depth knowledge on specific market trends locally, nationally and internationally. This package of comprehensive consulting combined with patented solutions can give our clients and partners a competitive sustainable advantage


Sebastian Nassau
Dr. Philip Blair
Steven Baugh
David Serrano
Todd Scattini
Clement Hayes
Joshua B. Alper

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