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H2 Talent is creating new jobs where they haven't existed before by bringing entrepreneurs, visionaries, problem solvers, and disruptors into the next Great American Industry.
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About H2 Talent

H2 Talent is founded on non-traditional and groundbreaking principles to harness the expertise and connections that each of the founding partners brings to our relationship-based business model.

Drawing from our deep and broad expertise and connections with across the country, we can provide the right structure and mix of talent — from Directors of Cultivation, to PhD chemists and the C-suite to rounding out essential operational roles.

As the paths of the founding partners crossed, they realized a unique opportunity to bring an innovative and disruptive approach to sourcing talent and to connecting a growing industry.


John W. Comeau
Entrepreneur - Connector - Advisor - Recruiter - A...
Michelle (Morales) W...
Connecting exceptional talent with exceptional opp...

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