GS Thermal Solutions

GS Thermal Solutions

GS Thermal Solutions (Green Sustainable Thermal Solutions) of Danbury, CT offers the most advanced complete grow system in the indoor agriculture industry. Our system’s combination of unique liquid-cooled LED, innovative cooling/dehumidification, and proprietary control system software allows the grower to customize, monitor and optimize the indoor grow process.
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About GS Thermal Solutions

The GS Grow System is the most energy efficient grow system in the world.
GS Thermal integrates advanced cooling technology with revolutionary light design that amplifies energy savings and significantly reduces the size and impact of your operation’s carbon footprint.

Products & Engineering Services
Lighting System
Technologically advanced, liquid-cooled lighting systems (lights with integrated cooling) for indoor horticulture and pharmaceutical growth. (Patent US9857068)

Our liquid cooled lighting systems were designed for indoor horticulture and pharmaceutical growth. Our technology is truly transformative designed to optimize energy efficiency and maximize yield.

Optimized spectrum and uniform light distribution allow for faster and more consistent plant growth. Our LED grow lights enable growers to control specific spectral combinations to maximize plant quality and yield.

Cooling & Dehumidification System
Facility Control System
Engineering Services: With 40+ years in the design and successful maintenance of high-efficiency cooling systems, our team brings the field experience needed to make your operation a success.

GSTS offers integrated system design and engineering services to provide our growers with state-of-the-art systems that maximize production while maintaining optimum energy efficiency.

Features GS Thermal Solutions

GS 1000 LED Grow Lamp


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