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Since 1995, there is now the grow! Magazine that has been on the internet since that time.

The homepage of grow! Magazine aims to educate and inform about cannabis and its consumers.

We do not understand this page as an encouragement for drug use. On the contrary, we believe that drug use is dangerous - no matter which drug it is! Only those who know the potential risks can decide for themselves how dangerous a drug can be.

We are declared fighters for the release of cannabis and the controlled delivery of "hard" drugs in pharmacies to the people who are already dependent. As long as illegality promotes the black market, as long as there is no relaxation on this issue ....

We advertise that no one has to go to jail for a bag of grass or hash. We see much greater harm in prosecution and criminalization of consumers than in the drug itself. Therefore, we want to achieve that society recognizes the discrepancy between reality and jurisdiction and appropriate changes in the BtmG be made ...


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