Originated from Passion for Cannabis. Green Pearl is proud to introduce you to the positive effects of cannabis and offers you reliable information and natural products .
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Green Pearl is a young company (2014) with over 20 years of experience in the cannabis sector (within the rules of the tolerance policy and the law).

The medicinal effect of cannabis is magical in our eyes. For this reason we have also chosen the name Green Pearl. Cannabis: the green pearl of nature. The medical uses of this plant are almost endless, but also in the industrial field, the cannabis plant is the most versatile and also the oldest agricultural crop in the world. Humans have been growing cannabis for over 10,000 years for many different purposes.

Reason enough to make our work our passion. We do this with a lot of pleasure and dedication and hope that you benefit from our website.


The products developed and produced by us are entirely of natural origin and contain a THC percentage of <0.05%. Products with such a low THC content are legal under Dutch law. We offer these products through our webshop.

All our products meet strict quality requirements. We have all our products tested extensively. You can view the test results of our products on this page or request them via the contact form.