Green Gold Cultivators

Green Gold Cultivators

Green Gold Cultivators is medical marijuana dispensary in San Andreas, located in Calaveras County, California. We are in the Top 10 dispensaries in Northern California on Leafly’s List for 2017.
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We are a Medical Marijuana Dispensary, located in the foothills of San Andreas, CA. Become a patient today and get instant access to our store. Delivery available, please call store 209-674-8008 for prompt service.

Marijuana is the most therapeutic substance on earth. It literally helps almost any ailment a person can have. Medical marijuana is supposed to be about compassion. Helping people have a better quality of life. A miracle medicine, natural remedy, far safer than any pharmaceuticals, which if any person in need, should have access to.

My partner and I had been going to clubs for years and the prices did not seem fair, the markup was huge. Making it hard for a lot of people to be able to afford the meds they need, especially when insurance companies don't help with any of the cost. So we decided to use our resources and start a true Non-profit for patients. We wanted to help people, compassion for the patients.

The best way we could help was make the meds affordable and available 7 days a week 363 days a year. We only close Thanksgiving and Christmas day. We want to give patients the best meds at the lowest possible cost. So we provide the best meds cheaper than anyone.

We carry lab tested edibles and medicated drinks, our concentrate boards are always stocked with top quality shatters and crumbles.

We don't want patients to have to go without. We put a lot of thought and effort in what would make a great collective. So we made the biggest Bud room around. Huge counters display with everything out for patients to see touch and smell. Over 30 different strains at all times, bigger selection than your average collective. We want to have a more personal experience with each and every patient and their individual needs, never rushing anyone answering each and every question. Feel free to take as long as you need, looking at our huge selection making sure you get what you want, not what the budtender is trying to push. We want every single patient to be comfortable, happy and 100% satisfied. We are here for the patient, not profit and that's why we are the cheapest in the state. If there is ever anything you feel we could do better please let us know, we are here for you.

You now have a friend in the medical cannabis business.

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