Golden Goddess Botanicals

Golden Goddess Botanicals

We have built our brand on one simple idea: good products begin with good ingredients. From the first seed to the final packaging we ensure that Golden Goddess is the gold standard for cannabis products.
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About Golden Goddess Botanicals

We choose organic ingredients because our food is medicine and we value people over profit. We source flowers from farmers who share our holistic values of bio-dynamic and non-toxic growing practices. Our hope is that our products contribute to your well being as well as that of the planet.

Every strain of cannabis has a unique mixture of cannabinoids which create different effects in combination. We want you to know what to expect, so we use a single phenotype in each artisanal batch of tinctures, balms or edibles. We offer Indica, Sativa or Hybrid varieties or CBD only.

All of our extractions are solvent-free and made from the whole cannabis flower. Our extraction processes can last a day to a month or longer for tinctures. We use traditional herbalist methods to ensure that we capture the full range of medicinal cannabinoids, not just THC.

Many people shy away from edibles because of negative experiences from heavy dosing. We believe that moderate dosing allows our bodies to absorb the plant medicine more easily. Heavy dosing can overwhelm the system and cause the body to reject the medicine.