Giving Tree Farms, Inc.

Giving Tree Farms, Inc.

Welcome to an all-new face of farming—and all new opportunities for your business.

About Giving Tree Farms, Inc.

Giving Tree Farms is a leading, cutting-edge cannabis cultivation farm specializing in boutique bio-engineering methods and custom cultivars. Genetics are our speciality, and potency, our mistress. In our expansive natural sun and climate-controlled greenhouse growing environments in California’s Emerald Triangle, we meticulously bioengineer the world’s most progressive crop before putting each cultivar through compliance lab testing to meet standards that far surpass the average—so your company can do the same.

Compliant both at the local and state level, we partner exclusively with preferred distributors, manufacturers, retailers and brands who value a uniquely first-class product, and whose clientele demands year-round availability and steadfast consistency, both in quality, quantity and experience.

We aren’t just master cultivators, but master geneticists, our state-of-the-art processes are paving the way for an all-new evolution of industry development and commerce.