Gardener's World

Gardener's World

Inspired by true events, Gardener's World is a narrative short film that highlights the reality of cannabis prohibition for sick people who need it.
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About Gardener's World

Jack Curtis (the writer and director) trained as an actor at the BAFTA winning Television Workshop in Nottingham. His involvement in this group later led to an interest in writing and directing. He has since made a decade-long career working on productions in various roles and creating promotional video content for recognisable brands.

Greg Lonsdale (the producer) works primarily in the music industry but with a significant crossover into film and video.

Jack and Greg have collaborated on many successful film & video projects including a self-funded educational online tutorial video detailing how to safely make medicinal cannabis oil which has exceeded one million views on YouTube.

Their other creative filmmaking collaborations include:

#KickStartScorz; a mini-documentary about UK rapper Scorzayzee. The film chronicles Scorzayzee's beginnings, his UK notoriety, struggles with mental health, his untimely disappearance and subsequent return.
Cardinal; a short film / music video offering a glimpse into the nightly passengers of a London Hackney Cab driver.
Gangsta Wraps; a wild music video following a crew of gangsters who vow to take down the fast fast food industry’s Clown, Colonel and King.
Jack and Greg are excited to bring Gardener's World into existence and are committed to portray medical cannabis users in a new light; victims of circumstance.