Garden Society

Garden Society

Luxury Low Dose Cannabis Products for Women

About Garden Society

Chef-inspired, low dose cannabis confections. Crafted from locally grown, organic ingredients and responsibly farmed cannabis.

Garden Society began as a personal mission to find healthy ways to bring balance to our busy lives. We are a medical cannabis company focused on confections that merge insatiable flavors, responsibly sourced ingredients and high-quality cannabis. Along the way, we’re out to help redefine the social acceptance of our industry.

Our founder's own need to explore non-traditional ways of managing the pain and stress of multiple hip surgeries - along with a hectic and busy corporate career – inspired her to begin Garden Society. She quickly realized the holistic benefits of cannabis as a means of providing a better quality of life without prescription drugs, and in doing so found an opportunity to fill a void in the market with low dose edibles that highlight the renowned food culture of Sonoma County.


Erin Gore
Founder and President
Karli Warner
Marketing and Communication
Matthew Bartlett
Operating Partner at Merida Capital Partners

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