FUNKSH is a philosophy and platform for innovative products inspired by the need for better solutions and new fundamentals.
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The 360 device has been under development for several years and in 2016 was designated as a Class One Medical Device. With the ability to easily cool and control the dose, it’s optimal for anyone who smokes or vaporizes Cannabis, while transcending the common problems that require replacement or repair.
All you need is FUNKSH!

Nearly a decade ago, an event occurred that threatened my health. I began “treatment” which included a mixture of prescription medications. These helped for a while, but less than a year later, I abandoned the pills. I had accidentally discovered a better solution in Cannabis. Even though I was a non-smoker and a skeptic of the blanket claims for “medical marijuana” I decided to give it a shot after I figured I could make a pipe. The adjustable airway was born shortly after. It provided a means of controlling the heat, harshness and coughing unavailable from other pipes. It also delivered the full potency of the plant at the same time.

The prototype design slowly evolved through multiple iterations and improvements after making connections with those who would most benefit from a better tool. Slowly the number of impressed veteran and non-smokers grew. Many long-time smokers are drawn to its superior quality as well.

FUNKSH mission is to provide solutions for improving and extending life as we know it.

FUNKSH is an innovation company dedicated to high quality lifestyle and wellness products, for simple, safe & exceptional experiences.

A lifestyle brand at its core, FUNKSH builds wellness products to give users reliable, safe, versatile tools and promote therapeutic alternatives to the existing status quo.