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About Foster Graham Milstein & Calisher, LLP

Originally founded in 1999, Foster Graham Milstein & Calisher LLP (FGMC) was quickly recognized as one of Denver’s “up and coming” law firms by providing effective and innovative legal representation focused on the achievement of client goals. Due to its entrepreneurial approach and fresh perspective, the Denver Business Journal featured FGMC’s attorneys as emerging “Young Guns” on the local legal scene in 2001. Since then, FGMC’s dedication to excellence and its singular focus on the interests of its clients has witnessed the rapid growth of the firm into a vibrant, multi-faceted practice.

FGMC represents the coming together of a highly experienced and energetic group of attorneys acquainted with one another from prior business and prior practice in larger firms and as in-house counsel. FGMC was founded on the belief that there was a better way to serve the client. Our growth and success confirm that we were right and that our clients understand and respect the value of forging a collaborative, proactive relationship with the lawyers who advocate and protect their interests.

The core philosophy of FGMC is simple: We work side-by-side with our clients, dedicating the tireless efforts of top-flight attorneys practicing in a variety of legal disciplines to evaluating and handling all aspects of a legal issue in a comprehensive, creative, and cost-effective manner. This precept of commitment guides all that we do.

The culture of FGMC and our overarching commitment to achieving superior results for our clients impacts every matter we undertake. FGMC is a unified team of dedicated, experienced, and energetic attorneys as committed to one another as we are to each client. We are here for the long haul, dedicated to the success of our clients, and deeply involved in our community. We also offer each other expertise, guidance, and support. This approach ensures the best collaborative thinking on behalf of our clients.


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