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Even though more than half of the states currently permit cannabis for medical or adult use, it remains illegal under federal law. This regulatory contradiction creates a significant problem – inconsistent and disjointed cannabis regulations that severely increase the risks to the health and safety of consumers.

As the number of cannabis users continues to rise, the need for accredited standards and a third-party cannabis certification system is essential. An absence of standards in any other industry – pharmaceutical, automobile, tobacco, alcohol is unacceptable. Cannabis is no different.

FOCUS: Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards is an independent, third-party, 501(c)(3), not-for-profit created to develop cannabis specific standards to answer this unmet need in the marketplace in order to protect public health, consumer safety, and safeguard the environment.

Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards

Founded in 2014, FOCUS was created to address the many short comings in quality, consistency and safety that became evident with the explosive growth of the global cannabis industry. FOCUS is an international, non-profit, cannabis standards development and third–party certification organization dedicated to protecting public health, consumer safety, and safeguarding the environment.

FOCUS offers a comprehensive, proactive approach to cannabis quality management through the implementation of industry wide cannabis–specific Good Manufacturing Practice standards and third–party certification managed through a digital compliance system. FOCUS standards provide cannabis–specific, detailed safety, process, design and performance requirements based on existing international quality and safety guidelines in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, food safety, and agriculture. FOCUS standards and third–party certification are a turnkey framework for federal, state and local lawmakers when creating and implementing cannabis regulations.

A standard is an agreed upon way of doing things. It is a pre-determined criteria for a given situation. Standards represent an agreed upon norm to guide our daily lives and help us make informed decisions. They are not good or bad, but provide a basis to measure and assess activities and things.


Dr. Gary Starr
Chief Medical Officer
Sean McClelland
Director of Goverment Relations
Chelsea Mulligan
Director of Client Relations
Kris Morwood
Director of Development
Founder & Executive Chair
Jeff Hicks
Director of Finance

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