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Evoke Law, PC

Evoke Law, PC is an intellectual property law firm providing counseling, prosecution, licensing, and enforcement in trademark, copyright, and Internet matters for cannabis businesses.
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About Evoke Law, PC

With a decade of day-to-day experience at the largest intellectual property law firm on the West coast, I can assist you in owning, enforcing, protecting and profiting from your intellectual property. I provide practical advice and make sure it fits within your financial resources.

I also understand that your time is valuable and focus on expeditiously walking you through the process, whether you are selecting a trademark, deciding whether you need to seek permission to use copyrighted material, protecting your intellectual property from unauthorized use, negotiating a publishing contract, or answering questions you may have about trademark, copyright, Internet, and publishing matters.

I offer cost-efficient and highly effective intellectual property legal services. My many years in the international sphere provide immediate access to a strong, trusted network of local intellectual property counsel worldwide.

Intellectual property is what I know. It’s the field of law that I practice every day and I am prepared to handle matters large and small.

I do recommend that you contact me before you make intellectual property decisions, when I can best assist you in avoiding problems and the expense of getting out of trouble, whether of your own or someone else’s making.


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