European Cannabinoid Therapy Association

European Cannabinoid Therapy Association

Finding the reliable information about medical cannabis use can be a daunting task as there are many sources of conflicting, unreliable and non-scientific information. This section is dedicated to educating patients about the basic concepts of medical cannabis therapeutic use
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About European Cannabinoid Therapy Association

The European Cannabinoid Therapy Association is a group of professionals working within the cannabinoid industry across Europe.

They have decided to come together to form an industry certification body to guarantee the quality and safety of cannabinoid products and their application as medicines.

All of the executive members have strong ethical beliefs on the need for greater understanding and education around the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids, as well as ensuring products containing these natural, non-toxic compounds, are produced to the highest standards, and sold appropriately.

Our board includes some of the leading scientific minds from the industry across Europe, as well as experience in cultivation to medical standards, testing, quality control, and research and development. As a non-profit organisation, we are committed to driving the ongoing research of therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids, and any profit from our certification and education services will be used to further the cause of medical cannabinoid therapies.

When you purchase an ECTA registered product from an ECTA registered therapist, you are safe in the knowledge that the product you are consuming has been produced to the highest standards, and is being sold to you by a professional trained in Cannabinoid therapy, up to date with the latest research.

Features European Cannabinoid Therapy Association

The European Cannabinoid Therapy Association (ECTA) is a non-governmental organization established for helping medical cannabis patients and providing them with all the necessary resources for an informed choice regarding medical cannabis therapy.

Our mission

  • Giving a comprehensive, scientifically valid and useful information to all who are interested in medical cannabis therapies
  • Uniting European patient associations who can offer guidance to patients in their native countries
  • Organizing educational events and conferences for the divulgence of medical cannabis therapy



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