ETCH Biotrace

ETCH Biotrace

To separate legal from illicit cannabis, traceable from untraceable cannabis, ETCH BioTrace provides a solution for governments, regulators, law enforcement, producer, processors, and distributors.
Research / Cannabis Analysis Labs
Testing & Compliance
Automation & Control

About ETCH Biotrace

ETCH BioTrace was formed out of necessity to track and trace legally produced cannabis and deter the diversion of black market cannabis into the legal market. With a vision, to be a leader in cannabis tracking by ensuring each seed, clone, tissue, vegetative and flowering plant, oil extract, and derivative product is traceable, they develop an innovative and adaptable solution to the regulatory demands relating to quality, traceability, and audit of cannabis production. ETCH BioTrace helps control and stabilize the legalized cannabis sector by deterring black market cannabis from entering the cannabis supply chain.

Features ETCH Biotrace

Easy to apply
Reliable application
Secure attachment
Easy to detect
Safe to use
Easily integrated