Erba del Chianti

Erba del Chianti

Territory known all over the world for its food and wine excellences and more, the Chianti nowadays also becomes the scene of a new and rediscovered sector, that of hemp. Here, in the heart of one of the most evocative and famous landscapes in the world, "Erba del Chianti" is born, a new and innovative reality that blends with the traditions of the Chianti territory.

About Erba del Chianti

In these lands, in the heart of Chianti, Hemp has always been there. 
As a trace that punctuates childhood memories, its cultivation is linked to the history of our family, together with the traditions, the 100-year-old kits, the tools that are no longer used. Together with our values.

In this farmhouse in Impruneta, located on the hills of Florence, we have been cultivating vines and olive trees for generations to produce wine and oil that will go on our tables and on those of our friends.

And always here, we decided to resume the Canapa crops. As in the past, with the same passion as our grandparents.

The project stems from the desire to give a future to our home, starting from our past and respect for the land.

For this reason, the Erba del Chianti is made up of "only" 800 plants, planted in the family olive grove in a perfect microclimate made of water, clean air and lots of sun. The crops are processed exclusively by hand inside the farm in absolute respect of the cycles of nature, the plant and its flower.

A constant research work to achieve a totally natural outdoor cultivation and an herb capable of returning, through its bouquet, the flavors of nature.

The Erba del Chianti project is a new way for us to experience the Chianti through the Hemp, which returns to your territory in an innovative project, made of products of excellence and contemporary experiences.