Produce "oil-based" powders! EnviroStar provides spray drying products and services. From formulation support to turn-key production systems.
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About EnviroStar

EnviroStar is a full-service spray dryer support company.  We specialize in new spray dryer installations as well as upgrades to existing spray dryer systems.  We also offer new spray dryer technologies and process support for whatever your spray dryer needs.

EnviroStar developed new spray dryer technologies to reduce the running costs of industrial spray dryers.  The DryOPS system can either be adapted to existing spray dryers or can be integrated into new dryer designs.  The EnviroSim offers a unique approach to improve the process of developing new formulations.

Whether you are looking for a turn-key solution or someone to help with a specific problem with your existing spray drying system, EnviroStar is here to help.

EnviroStar is also available to assist with formulation development and sample runs of new or revised products.

We strongly encourage clients to call to discuss current struggles and needs before making an investment decision in hopes that we can assist with identification of low cost options.

Industrial Drying Cost Reduction Services because sometimes you need to understand the problem more completely before you can solve it. At EnviroStar, our team has decades of experience in investigating, discovering, and mitigating factors that influence industrial processes. We can help you root out those problems — and if it’s something we don’t have a solution for, we can refer you to someone that we trust to fix the problem.


Features EnviroStar


With new hardware systems in-place, you’ll need training on how to make the best possible use of them — we’ll cover normal operations, and how to adapt the technologies tailored to your business.


We will visit your business and leverage our extensive Lean and Six Sigma experience to audit your existing equipment and processes.  With an eye for eliminating waste, we will use our scientific approach to identify opportunities beyond EnviroStar technology, in an effort to further optimize your production.


Once you’ve got EnviroStar technology in your facilities, it can be used as a selling point for further growth. We’ll work with your sales and marketing staff to integrate our selling points with your strategy


Clint Buchner
Founder at EnviroStar LLC

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