Enlightened Growth, Inc.

Enlightened Growth, Inc.

Enlighten is an enterprise cannabis retail technology with an education first approach to empower and engage the evolving cannabis consumer.
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About Enlightened Growth, Inc.

In 2008, Jacob’s Energy became a casualty of the collapsing natural gas industry.  The company’s once profitable natural gas leases quickly depreciated to rock bottom value and Jeremy Jacobs, the then CEO of Jacob’s Energy, found himself left with virtually nothing. Jacob’s Energy was forced to close its doors. Fortunately, these regrettable circumstances helped pave the way for the founding of the company that would one day become Enlighten, the first full scale enterprise solution in the cannabis space.

Facing adversity, Jacobs pivoted to create opportunity. The former natural gas tycoon recognized the potential in the digital signage space and founded Eyeconic.tv, a leader in point of sale media, digital signage, menu and touch screen kiosk solutions. Within the first week, Eyeconic.tv generated over $10K in gross revenue. By 2010, Eyeconic.tv’s business was prospering and the company began business relationships with Sysco Foods, a global foodservice leader and Signarama, a global signage provider.

On Nov. 6, 2012, Amendment 64 passed statewide making Colorado the first state to legalize recreational cannabis. Soon after, some of the first dispensaries contacted Eyeconic.tv about digital menus. Jacobs jumped at the chance to combine his two passions – cannabis and cutting-edge retail technology. On Jan. 1, 2014, the first recreational cannabis sale took place in Colorado. Euflora  and DANK, two of Denver’s most popular dispensaries, became the first cannabis retail locations to employ Eyeconic.tv’s interactive retail technology.

Jacobs, a life-long cannabis enthusiast as well as the former director of KY NORML, recognized the desperate need for cannabis education on a national level. As a result,  EYECONIC.TV’s sister company, Eyechronic.tv, was founded in an effort to exclusively serve the cannabis industry and its rapidly evolving needs. In Nov. 2016, Colby McKenzie, a mergers and acquisitions attorney, approached Jacobs about getting involved in the DOOH industry.

With Colby McKenzie brought on board to sequester capital, Eyechronic raised $2.25 million in funding. With capital secured, the company’s flagship product, Eyechronic.tv, an in-store cannabis education and advertising network, is launched. By Sept. 2017, Eyechronic.tv had been installed in 200 cannabis retail locations and, as a result, became the largest and fastest growing in-store network in cannabis history.

Enlighten is currently working with over 700+ cannabis businesses, including dispensaries, cultivators and producers, head shops, cannabis lounges, medical facilities and more. With an education forward approach, Enlighten helps its partners grow their brand and build relationships with their customers through a variety of retail technology solutions.   Its technology solutions are intended to increase revenue and awareness and keep customers engaged. As an aggregation of several notable companies from both inside and outside of cannabis, Enlighten is one of the most well-funded, wide reaching and longest tenured companies in cannabis.