Emerald Metrics

Emerald Metrics

CannaIntelligence™ decision support software platform protecting consumers from mold/pesticides while helping Cannabis producers grow faster, better, smarter.
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About Emerald Metrics

Emerald Metrics LLC develops software tools for the agriculture and cannabis industry. The company offers Cannaintelligence, a SaaS platform that utilizes sensors, high-resolution spectral imagery, and cannabis industry specific metrics to detect pests, molds, and pesticides. Its software enables growers to detect infestations affecting plant growth and health by using imagery and analytics. The company caters to the growers, investors, and regulators in the cannabis supply chain. The company was incorporated in 2017 and is based in Portland, Oregon.

The Emerald decision support system provides growers continuous and real time feedback on plant health, existence of harmful molds, fungus and pesticides in addition to effectiveness of lighting and response to fertilizers and other inputs that took weeks before they were detected by the grower. The System is scalable to any size of operation.



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