Emerald Elite Consulting

Emerald Elite Consulting

We are cannabis cultivation specialists. With over 40+ years of combined experience from the heart of American cannabis history and innovation, the Emerald Elite team and its network of cultivators offer a truly unparalleled depth of experience for our clients' advantage. Production of the cleanest, highest quality cannabis in the world is our passion.
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About Emerald Elite Consulting

EEC’s senior cannabis consultants are master gardeners who bring 20 years each of individual experience from California’s Emerald Triangle, the heart of American cannabis innovation. With EEC, you and your investors will gain access to decades of cultivating experience and best practices developed to ensure production of clean, high quality cannabis with consistent and impressive yields. By taking advantage of our network of cannabis experts and innovators, you will tap into an unparalleled depth of industry expertise with a hands-on consultancy approach.

Whether you’re growing boutique medicinal flowers for an individual dispensary or operating in the bulk/wholesale market, Emerald Elite Consulting will help you develop a quality product you and your customers can depend on year after year.

Emerald Elite’s mission is to teach cultivators to maximize the potential and efficiency of their cannabis operation from clone to club.

Produce maximum yields and the cleanest, healthiest product with hands-on personal service is our passion.

Teach completely safe horticultural practices in the interest of marijuana patients and consumers, cultivators and their employees, and the environment at large.

We bring to bear decades of innovative practice and distilled wisdom while honoring the history and culture of Northern California Emerald Triangle cannabis community.