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Navigating a shifting, adverse landscape

In 2017, ELLO LLC was founded by a collection of highly-experienced consultants and business advisors to be a force for positive, sustainable change in the emerging cannabis industry. The industry is undergoing a paradigmatic shift, moving from a nationwide multi-billion dollar black market, to state-shaped pockets of legality. The public, legislators and business owners are recognizing the medicinal qualities and recreational uses of cannabis and, municipality-by-municipality, are shaping laws and regulations allowing for lawful use. The business and social advocates driving this change do so under the specter of federal prohibition, which has demonized cannabis and created a hostile rift between the will of the people and decades-old laws governing from afar.

These contradictory values have created unprecedented obstacles – paradoxical tax codes and banking industry barriers, to list a few – for cannabis entrepreneurs and investors who see a tremendous opportunity, but know they must navigate significant risk.

Finding the path to prosperity

For cannabis businesses to flourish in the emerging market, they must be willing to balance their bold, pioneering mind-set with principled business practices focused on transparency and legitimacy. Sound business procedures mitigate the risks that can undermine an entire operation, while also maximizing efficiency… and ultimately profits.

ELLO serves as a reliable, resourceful advisor for the mavericks daring to explore this unknown territory. Our focus is on leveraging decades of hands-on experience to provide practical, thoughtful, innovative guidance. We too, are risk-takers, but we don’t jump without knowing fully the danger, and the reward.

The team members of ELLO have over 18 years of experience working in the field with over 600 cannabis-related clients around the country. We know the ins and outs of tax code, state and federal regulations, and holistic business practices. From offices throughout California – including Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Sacramento – our professionals bring to bear learnings from an array of industries, including technology, agriculture, retail and manufacturing. Plus, through our affiliate firm MGO LLP, we leverage insight from advisors working directly with state and local governments actively shaping regulations.

ELLO provides industry-leading expertise and proven solutions to help clients navigate the most daunting financial and operational challenges. Our services include regulatory compliance, finance effectiveness, performance reviews, operations improvements, strategy consulting, as well as tax planning, outsourcing services, and more. Our vision is to help instill transparency, responsibility and legitimacy in the cannabis industry by developing and implementing operational best practices.

Being a positive force for change

In an industry where the rules are constantly in flux, we are proud to be dynamic, resourceful, thoughtful risk-takers focused on sustainability and integrity. By helping cannabis industry businesses, investors and stakeholders, meet and comply with regulatory requirements and legally and profitably scale their businesses, we serve a greater good. And are proud to share in the resulting success and growth.


Patrick Bauer
Capital Markets Advisory at ELLO
Ziva Sarbu
Senior Analyst of Research & Analytics at ELLO Ins...
Evan Eneman
Strategist / Advisor / Entrepreneur

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