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Eden is a modern, ethnobotanical based company that continually innovates efficient extraction and distillation systems for the highest purity and quality products.
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About Eden Labs

Founded in 1994, Eden Labs is the pioneer of healthy, safe, and efficient plant botanical extractions.
Eden Labs was founded from an intense curiosity on the effects of botanicals on human health and wellbeing by Fritz Chess in Ohio, United States.

Since then, our relentless focus has been to allow our customers to unlock the constituents from botanicals that have been shown to have positive effects on human wellness whether by clinical trial or through a plant's use in human history and integrative medicine.

A focus on medical and nutritional extracts goes hand in hand with environmental remediation and stewardship.
At the heart of what drives our team is a belief in the power of plants and plant medicine. This driving force has led us to build a company that respects the Earth and is conscious of our communities and the future of our planet.

Our business success always starts with our customers' success
To build a company that will grow through generations requires customers that will grow and do the same.

We place tremendous value in building mutually-successful long-term relationships so we can scale our clients’ production needs and improve their bottom lines. We have proven this repeatedly by minimizing downtimes, improving yields, and reducing extraction times.

We are part of a revolution
\We believe we have an opportunity to change human consumables by building extraction equipment focused on health and sustainability. Simultaneously, we place tremendous emphasis on social responsibility. Together, we believe we can change industries beyond plant medicine. Join us.

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