Imagine being able to vaporize oils and concentrates instantly with just the simple touch of a button - wherever you may be. This is eDab. We design premium personal vaporizer technology for those who demand quality, reliability, efficiency - and style. Cutting edge. High performance. Refined.
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About eDab

eDab™ was founded to raise the bar and set a new standard for what to expect from your concentrate vaporizer – and the company behind it.

We realized that most vapor pens on the market fell short in one way or another, then set out to create premium products with advanced functionality and stylish aesthetics.

Our constant innovation and an unwavering commitment to providing you with the highest quality personal concentrate vaporizers are what have separated eDab from the rest of the crowd.

Our passionate dedication to producing the most reliable and efficient devices possible results in superior products that consistently outperform the competition. While many industry leaders are gone or on the way out, our business has remained and grown stronger.

By seamlessly combining advanced technology with distinct design eDab creates a rare synergy of form and function. A difference in quality that you can see and feel.

Every small detail matters and eDab works diligently to ensure our products provide you with both an excellent experience and value. This is our primary focus – you. From the moment you open the box we want you to be satisfied with every aspect of your purchase.

eDab products work as advertised. Plus, we back them up with a 6 month limited warranty against manufacturer defects. Explore our selection and see for yourself what why eDab is the smart choice in personal vaporizers for concentrates.