Fed up with the status quo at Chicago head shops, our tight-knit team of herb lovers turned to in-house bulldog (Boo!) to be the face of a new kind of smoke shop: the online headshop made for you.
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About DopeBoo

Security Is Top Priority.We’re fortunate enough to have some of Chicago’s most successful tech minds on the team keeping your information safe, secure, and private.

Outstanding Customer Service.There's a boom going on and suddenly so many pipes, vaporizers, and tools to learn! Think of us as your personal shopper. We're here with 9am-5pm live chats, easy 24/7 quizzes and guides to make sure you get what you need.

Convenience is Key.Mulling over the best bongs in our bath robe? Yes, please! DopeBoo is a one-stop-shop you don’t have to haggle with for a good price. (And our glass isn'tgetting dusty on display either.)

You Get It. #DopeFacts blog makes it simple to see what features take a piece to top shelf quality (no matter the price point). Vapes and glass alike are easy to understand with how-to's, care tips, and quality customer service to maximize your investment.

Curated to Suit Every Lifestyle.We’re lucky enough to have a diverse team. That means sidekicks for everyone - millennials to seniors, first-timers to old pros, single life to family life! It also means we have a piece for every price range: from $2.99 rolling papers to $2,999 water pipes!