District Edibles

District Edibles

All District Edibles are scratch made in small batches. We use only the finest premium CO2 cannabis oil, and infuse it into every batch. We strive to make every edible consistent and potent. The main interest of our business is to produce and distribute the worlds best cannabis infused products and vaporizer hardware.
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About District Edibles

Sometimes you just want to feel spacey. Our scratch-made edibles come in 9 delicious flavors and are infused with fully activated premium CO2 oil to help you reach new heights. Each 10mg edible is individually sealed to ensure freshness and enclosed a child-resistant, reusable package.

Features District Edibles

We produce cannabis concentrate products, as well as vaporizer hardware, and distribute them to licensed retailers. We do not have any storefronts of our own, so we work to produce the consumer goods and distribute to retailers


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