Digital Archivist

Digital Archivist

A digital archivist in the advertising industry currently seeking to bring my digital asset management skills from Corporate America to the cannabis industry.
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About Digital Archivist

The Archivist Practitioner: A hands-on, front-line archivist who manages or will manage electronic records and assets personally.

Highly organized, attentive to detail, an efficient administrator, pro-active and creative. Well-versed in the principles of advertising and marketing with working knowledge of digital asset management, archiving, information & database management, usage rights and documentation, DAM system software, metadata, cataloging, naming.

Interested in DAM opportunities that require classification and metadata development, cataloging, tagging, archiving and retrieval of content. The ideal is working with corporate, advertising and design or entertainment digital assets using modern and cutting edge DAM technology.

Also interested in digital operations and eCmmerce platforms.

DAM software used:
Cumulus, Xinet, MediaBin, Telescope, AEM

digital asset management, digital archiving, DAM system software, metadata, tagging, naming, cataloging, art buying, records management, database management, organization, grunt work, photography, design & branding

A digital archivist is a new age librarian that works to catalog, manage, preserve, and provide access to a range of digital records.