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Professional guidance about entering the regulated cannabis industry.
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About Denver Relief Consulting

Since 2011 Denver Relief Consulting’s mission has been to cultivate quality cannabis operations, as well as ancillary product and service providers. We work with forward thinking industry leaders committed to advancing best practices and the perception of the cannabis community. Based on models we’ve successfully implemented and continuously improve upon in Colorado and across North America, we carefully select clients and partners to develop custom advocacy and business strategies. Through the promotion of government collaboration, industry best practices, hyper-compliance, environmental stewardship, and community integration, Denver Relief Consulting exists to further progressive, entrepreneurial advocacy in the pursuit of responsible cannabis policy reform.

Our goal is to mentor current and prospective cannabis industry professionals and provide our clients with tools essential for making well-informed independent business decisions. We offer our clients guidance and advice throughout the process of creating efficient and effective operations that provide high-quality services to patients and adult consumers, meet the demands of the market, and remain compliant in complex regulatory systems.

Our firm is built on a history of advocacy and we build relationships based on our clients’ needs. We are proud to consult with businesses dedicated to the progress of the legal cannabis industry, as opposed to those driven strictly by profit. We are experienced dispensary owners and managers who have overcome massive operational challenges while many of our contemporaries have been forced out of business. As policy reform advocates working to advancing the legal cannabis movement, we dedicated our lives to this work long before the evolution of a profitable legal cannabis enterprise and vet our clients accordingly.


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