To enable one-connection technologies in the cannabis industry. Through collaboration we can achieve it globally. At Dauntless are working to ensure, enhance, and simplify cannabis business compliance in every state and country. We are dedicated to helping government regulators shift away from managing the cannabis IT business while providing the industry with high-value services, data analysis tools, and transparency.
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Dauntless has developed the cannabis industry's first truly enterprise platform. This is the infrastructure the industry needs to evolve to a truly efficient, global industry. There are 87,000 cannabis-related businesses working in the market today, and many are hamstrung by costly, inefficient, centralized compliance reporting systems. This environment carves the industry into too many data silos and makes it difficult for service providers and cannabis businesses to communicate or connect with each other effectively.
That is why we developed GIANT (Global Interoperable Application Network Technology), an open-API platform that will allow businesses to connect with each other through a single, universal API. Through GIANT, we enable licensed cannabis businesses to connect to the jurisdictional systems and remain compliant while also connecting them to the first true marketplace for all nine, symbiotic business segments comprising the cannabis ecosystem (both licensed and ancillary) to form a truly interconnected cannabis industry. And GIANT's architecture is designed to easily adapt to changing regulatory environments and is scalable across geographies, businesses, and jurisdictions. GIANT is the backend for all of Dauntless'​ current and future customers in Traceability, Point of Sale, Testing and other segments. Because it is a secure, open platform, we see it growing far beyond our customers'​ needs as we connect other businesses as a method to serve the entire industry.
Dauntless has been working in cannabis traceability since 2013. We understand our customers'​ business needs and pain points. Nobody else is working on a solution like this, but the industry has evolved beyond the current, highly-fragmented technology foundation it is currently operating upon.
Our vision is One Connected, Global, Unified Cannabis Industry. It's a big vision, but we are striving to power the next phase of this intimidating industry's evolution - and we are DAUNTLESS.

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Clark Musser
Founder & CEO
Brady Miller
Founder, President/COO