Water Rights, Water Supply, and Environmental Due Diligence.

About CwM-H2O, LLC

First about CwM. Why CwM?

A cwm, pronounced "koom", is the name of a geologic landform; a cirque; or bowl shaped valley just below a mountain peak (see our Home Page). The water caught in these high mountain lakes and glaciers is the origin of most of the available water supply in the Western United States. The letters of our name also stand for Complete Water Management, which is what we do.

Water touches every facet of our lives, our businesses, and our future. CwM provides expert services related to water supply, be it surface water or groundwater rights, water management and conservation planning, or wastewater compliance and permitting. So whether you say "koom" as in where we like to play or "C-W-M", where we like to work, you are correct.

CwM was founded to provide clients direct access to technical specialists that focus their experience on specific issues to find solutions to natural resource permitting and mitigation challenges.

After providing water resources consulting services, permitting solutions, and management for local and international consulting firms for more than 20 years, CwM's founder, Bob Long, started CwM to focus on serving clients directly. The CwM team consists of internal staff and a network of experienced consultants to create customized teams that can specifically address individual project challenges.


Bob Long
Principal Consultant CwM-H2O, LLC