CRichter ~ HR Consulting

CRichter ~ HR Consulting

At CRichter ~ HR Consulting, I strive to support, complement or develop business owner’s skills in talent management. I provide business and HR advice, training and project management services.
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About CRichter ~ HR Consulting

Human capital is the wealth an organization possesses, derived from its people, which is critical to its economic success.

Are you receiving the best “return on investment” from your human capital?

If not, consult with an HR Professional, with a career grounded in business, who understands how every aspect of HR affects the bottom line. I will partner with you to…

Analyze HR metrics, business plans or P&L’s to improve profitsAnalyze HR metrics, business plans or P&L’s to improve profits

Align individuals and teams with your goals to generate sales

Design or redesign positions & processes to improve productivity

Resolve isolated or systemic problems with employees, teams or the organization

Perform a talent SWOT analysis to improve your competitive edgeDeliver relevant training for employees or management

Manage projects from a needs analysis through solution sustainabilityBuild internal and external relationships that matter