Cresco Capital Partners

Cresco Capital Partners

Since 2014, we have invested over $45 million dollars in the cannabis industry and we're just getting started.
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About Cresco Capital Partners

We believe wholeheartedly in the cannabis industry. We believe in the benefits for human health and development, and we believe in the resulting job creation and economic growth.

We want cannabis businesses to grow, thrive and create a positive impact for our current and future generations.

We have an advantage other funds do not have. There are limited capital providers investing in the cannabis industry, and with our existing investments and deep relationships, Cresco Capital Partners is well positioned to maximize this advantage.

Our team engages in a proven system of traditional private equity deep due diligence. Cannabis-related companies looking for capital seek us as a strategic investor and partner.

We deploy capital in strategic locations and sectors within the cannabis space through a combination of opportunistic equity, convertible notes and senior secured debt with warrant protection.


Matthew Anderson
Leader, Partner, CEO, Constant Student
Matt Hawkins
Managing Principal at Cresco Capital Partners, LLC...
Dov Szapiro
Managing Partner at e54 Capital LLC

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