Compliant Packaging LLC

Compliant Packaging LLC

Compliant Packaging is a leading provider of custom cannabis packaging solutions. We understand the unique needs of dispensaries, growers, and processors and are focused on providing competitive, creative, consistent and compliant packaging solutions. Our products include:Child resistant packaging, Concentrate packing, Exit bags, Pop top containers, Preroll packaging, Mylar bags, and LocTin containers.
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About Compliant Packaging LLC

Our goal is to provide packaging solutions, industrial products and supply chain management at efficient pricing to the legal cannabis and hemp industries. Whether it’s off-the-shelf or custom-tailored we have a team that delivers results. We combine industrial packaging experience with retail, cultivation and processing know-how.

Our team is equipped to provide not only your packaging needs, but also provide expertise on inventory management, branding & marketing. We manufacture and source our packaging and products from a wide range of vendors so as to offer a multitude of solutions and pricing options. Not being tied to a specific brand or product, allows us to offer the most cost effective choices for each client.

We view our relationships with every client, as unique. Not all child resistant packages are created equal, nor is the experience of most others in the industry. We strive to be an asset and a partner with the customers we collaborate with, not just another vendor. Our team of industrial packaging professionals is dedicated to not only the process but to offering ideas with imagination in this emerging market.

Our dedication to the growth of the industry coupled with our passion for providing our customer-partners with the most comprehensive and experienced canna-professionals is the heart and soul of our Company.


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Senior Account Executive at Lenertz Industrial Sup...
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Todd Golden
Director Of Operations and Sales
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