Colorado Marijuana Marketing

Colorado Marijuana Marketing

Colorado Marijuana Marketing is a network of ancillary marijuana businesses and websites that have been servicing Colorado medical marijuana patients and marijuana dispensaries since February of 2009. The “Network” is comprised of twenty four (24) Colorado marijuana related web sites and our three partner medical marijuana card registration Companies throughout the front range; Colorado Medical Marijuana LLC, Grassroots Medical Clinic LLC and Colorado MMJ Doc’s.
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About Colorado Marijuana Marketing

The CMM Network
Our network reaches over 75,000 monthly website visitors and over 40,000 registered users while our MMJ card registration companies service over 1,000 new or renewing MMJ Patients throughout Colorado each month! We have a marketing database of over 55,000 text numbers and email addresses of Colorado marijuana consumers that we can target, message and deliver to our client’s doorsteps. We utilize all of our network assets to promote, market and brand marijuana dispensaries and their products throughout Colorado and our fellow marijuana America states.

CMM Preferred Customer Base
Our dynamic portfolio of marijuana industry assets allows us the opportunity to reach the most sought after consumers in the market place. Because we tend to find our customers online, we tend to attract consumers with higher than average educations and above average incomes with extraordinary budgets for high end purchases like marijuana. Our registration clinics are all located in suburban oriented areas with above average incomes for a reason and that is to attract the most optimal consumers to direct to our clients store fronts.

CMM Proven Results
Our promotional mix is designed to drive sales by developing product and brand awareness with proven results that drive sales. We have a proven track record of providing our average clients with tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue from year to year and we have directed hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue to our top producing clients with multiple locations on an annual basis.

CMM Marketing & Web Consultation
Our expertise and knowledge in the Colorado marijuana marketing field is unparalleled and our web saturation, industry contacts and strategic partner relationships are the keys to our success. We encourage you to make contact with us and explore the various sales and marketing opportunities that we can provide your organization.