Cobidol Group is a technology-driven company focused on delivering custom CBD products direct to consumers. We help the consumer and the industry develop trust in CBD brands.
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About Cobidol

We are a different kind of CBD company. We create technology that allows for a better consumption experience. Cobidol has a distributed team that houses decades of category experience.

We are on a mission to provide all of the technology which the CBD & Hemp (and other cannabinoid) industries need to grow.

CBD is our key area of interest, along with other cannabinoids, cannabis, nootropics & adaptogens.

In summary, while the CBD industry is set to grow significantly, technology services are needed to achieve this. As a result, we have built the toolkit companies need.

Features Cobidol

Cobidol Group provides technology solutions to the CBD industry to enhance the consumption experience for consumers. 

Our groups technology is broken down into three categories.

Discovery and product validation. With Spectra our mobile search app consumers can discover high quality CBD brands and verify the legitimacy of the product.

Provenance. With Cobichain our free to use hyper fast blockchain platform CBD manufactures can record key data on production on the blockchain. Consumers access this data via Spectra and the industry via its own access panel. 

Payments. CobiPay is our “ Stripe “ for CBD it’s easy to set up and comes with great rates. Accept Visa and MasterCard using CobiPay. 

We work with premium CBD  participants to provide them with the platforms they need to build trust, aid transparency and transact with ease. 


Richard Skaife
CEO & Co-Founder
Richard Sharp
CPO & Co-Founder
Alex Goodger
CTO & Co-Founder

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